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Apr 10

How to Be A Friend

How to Be A Friend

by: Mark Kline, PsyD. Vice-Chair, TakeThis, Inc.

Friends and family are the first line of support for people with emotional problems. While it is wonderful to be trusted, this often creates anxiety and dilemmas. Friends worry they will say the wrong thing. Tolerating another person’s pain and distress can be difficult. While there is no one right technique for every situation, here are some…

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Apr 09

Behind a Glass Wall

Behind a Glass Wall - ” I didn’t deserve to live, let alone interact with other people.”

By: Deborah Dalcin

Almost as far back as I can remember, I suspected something was wrong with me. As a child I was quietly critical of my body and general mannerisms. I would study other girls in my class and wonder why I wasn’t pretty too. I wasn’t hideous, or ugly, I looked like a little girl with a shy smile, but something kept whispering doubts in my head every day and normally I could ignore…

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Mar 29


"Escapism" - "Video games have gotten me through the toughest times in my life, whether I knew it or not.

By: Aneudys Tejeda

Let’s face it, life is complicated. Sometimes, even for the most optimistic person, life can get overwhelming. For this, we resort to escapism. Escapism is defined as the avoidance of reality by absorption of the mind in entertainment or in an imaginative situation or activity.

Have you ever been in a situation when you just wanted to get away from everything? Some resort to…

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Mar 20

GDC 2014 Lecture Notes: How To Depression-Proof Your Studio Culture

GDC 2014 Lecture Notes: How To Depression-Proof Your Studio Culture

Thank you to everyone who attended my recent lecture at the 2013 Game Developer Conference titled “How to Depression-Proof Your Studio Culture,” on the subject of mental health and wellness in game development spaces and how to address common stressors and create more harmonious workplaces.

The lecture was put together with the cooperation of the GDC, and with much help and support from the…

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Mar 17

Announcing the Take This AFK Room at PAX East

pax east

Take This is pleased to announce it will be continuing its association with PAX at PAX East 2014, with a presentation on speaking to others about mental health, a dedicated “AFK Room” for attendees needing to take a break from the show and a program specifically designed to help PAX East’s volunteer “Enforcers” with recognizing and assisting attendees in need.

Take This has been working in…

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Mar 08

The Balance Between Games and Life

By:Fabio Santana

Since I was a child, I’ve kept to myself in most aspects. Not socially, but emotionally. I grew up suppressing my feelings and ideas with the intention of not stepping on toes, or hurting peoples expected future for me. Videogames have been, and always will be, my place I can go to forget about all the nagging thoughts that plague me on a constant basis. Though, I’ve had to ask…

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Mar 01

Some Guy in a Mask

Some Guy in a Mask - Sometimes it can take more than one attempt to get the help you need.

By: Anonymous

I have an amazing group of friends, seriously they are the best. I was playing games before I met them (the earliest I met when I was about 13) and they opened my eyes to co-op and other games. Now we are in our mid to late 20s and we still get together to play video games, board games and D&D. But I constantly feel like a stranger.

My memory is pretty bad but it wasn’t until I was…

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Feb 15

Take This founder to speak on “How to depression-proof your studio culture” at GDC

Take This, Inc. Founder and President Russ Pitts will present a lecture at the 2014 GDC…

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Take This founder to speak on “How to depression-proof your studio culture” at GDC

Take This, Inc. Founder and President Russ Pitts will present a lecture at the 2014 GDC…

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Feb 07

Living Around Anxiety

Living Around Anxiety by Derek Smart - “I had to fashion a lifestyle that would allow me to cope with anxiety”

By: Derek Smart

True fact: I myself battled various forms of anxiety for years. Even went on SSRIs (Paxil mostly) for several years. Didn’t like the side effects. Then one day, many years ago, I quit cold turkey. Just like that.


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Jan 31

The Cave in My Chest

The Cave in My Chest - “most people think I am the last person to think about killing myself.”

By: Brenna Beattie

Today, I found out that someone in the gaming community, someone I admire greatly, committed suicide. It’s the second time someone I cherish has done so and the sixth time I’ve considered doing the same.

Let me start out by saying this:…

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